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by Konsyg

That got your attention!

lets talk for real...

Konsyg has noticed a series of cringe-worthy posts on social media platforms that mislead people's perspectives on sales, sales leadership, and business development.  We figured that we'd fight fire with fire and show just how inaccurate these posts are by creating inaccurate posts ourselves!


Let's be honest if you are hooked on these types of narratives and actually think it will boost your revenue, please rethink reality.


Sales is not "magical" or something you can manifest.


Konsyg has various tactics to drive interest, just as we have done here... with you. With our global on-demand sales strategies your company will reach new markets and generate sustainable revenue. 

Scroll down to see what we can offer:


On-Demand Sales Team

Global On-Demand End to End Salesforce for hire. We provide all of the steps within the sales process, so you don't have to.

Account Based Marketing

We go deep into difficult industries to get you the contacts you need. 


Lead Generation

Qualified Leads for your sales team to sell at ease

Digital Marketing

Full performance marketing service end to end.


Sales Management

We can manage your current sales team to be more efficient. 

Sales Recruitment

Build your global sales team. We build, train and manage your sales team. 


Database Solutions

List building, scrubbing and enhancement services.

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