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About Konsyg

How Konsyg started. What it stands for and why we do what we do.

About Konsyg

Konsyg is here to assist organizations in their pursuit towards sustainable revenue. We do this through our extensive experience in end to end sales, pipeline generation, sales function consulting and direct sales leadership.

Founded in 2017 by ex-Google sales and knowledge manager William Gilchrist, Konsyg set itself out to recruit the best and brightest minds within the global sales industry to build a standalone salesforce to scale technology across multiple markets. Gilchrist quickly teamed up with ex-Caldwell Banker and former CEO of Synergy Solutions Joseph Flaten to build out the operations to make this standalone sales army a reality. Since our inception, we have taken multiple companies from Seed to Series A funding, and have generated tens of millions of dollars in direct sales revenue for our clients.

The Konsyg vision Konsyg is an on-demand sales-as-a-service (SaaS) organization based in Singapore. Primarily working with startup technology companies, Konsyg is changing the negative stigmatism of outsourcing a sales team. Many startup companies struggle with global market access. Konsyg works with such companies looking to increase conversion, or to boost the impact of existing products that may be underperforming.

By maximizing ROIs, the Konsyg approach allows business owners to focus their energy on improving the end product and overall technological idea.

This is possible because Konsyg implements a professional sales team to manage the connections necessary to achieve long-term business solutions — reaching multi-regional, and ultimately, global success. The majority of startup companies are inexperienced when it comes to filling the correct managerial positions in order to successfully hire a qualified sales staff. The result is overspending, or a pieced together sales team with no valid direction. Removing the guesswork from this difficult element of running a business — creating a sales strategy and managing a sales force — Konsyg assists in the development of a unique sales approach from scratch if necessary, or can help navigate an existing plan of action to new heights. The adapted strategy will be designed to begin earning the client revenue as soon as possible and to establish a sustainable business plan for the future.

Consistently striving towards ultimate client satisfaction, Konsyg will push to meet, and then surpass, business expectations for results in the industries of SaaS, FinTech, cyber security, med-tech and AI. The Singapore advantage Based in the tech-haven of Singapore, Konsyg is amongst many successful tech startups and multiple other industries. Geographically aligned to support a global reach, being in the Southeast Asia region provides much more than just consistent warm temperatures and high doses of humidity.

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