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Assasins Policy

Konsyg is a high-performing company and always looks forward to rewarding high-performing individuals. In order to keep up with the tradition, Konsyg is happy to introduce the role of an Assassin who is responsible for upkeep the performance of all accounts in Konsyg.

Assassin Role Assassins are high-performing sales representatives who will also work as floating sales reps across all the campaigns in Konsyg. Their role is primarily to ensure that no campaign ends a week in zero handovers while also continuously raising the bar in terms of performance across the organization.

How does the Assassin Role work Assassins are responsible for the upkeep of performance across all campaigns in Konsyg. Once they finish achieving the target in their own campaigns, they will be transferred across campaigns to ensure that no campaign is underperforming.

Incentivization for Assassins As the assassins are entrusted with the overall performance of Konsyg across all campaigns, the incentive scheme for them is different than all others in the company. The assassin incentivization is divided into 2 different schemes, one is for their own campaign and the other is as per the assassin role

For their own campaigns - The standard incentive policy of On Target Earning will be applied when the assassins are on their own accounts. All other reward and recognition policies like Unikorn points and job progression will be applicable to them as per company policy.

For floating accounts - incentive scheme for the assassins when they work on floating campaigns they will be paid on a per lead basis. On each HO, assassins will be paid a standard rate per lead. The rate per lead will differ based on the campaign incentive announcement. The assassins will be also eligible for a special incentive scheme announced from time to time by management.

If the assassin is able to reach 30 HO in a quarter, either in their own accounts or a sum total of the same number combining their own campaign and the floating one, they will be receiving a special bonus of 300-500 USD depending upon the number of HO.

Other than this the assassins will be eligible for any special bonus/incentive announced by the management from time to time.

Career progression of Assassin Once a staff is already promoted to the assassin level, the management will be looking at their performance for 6 months and the next grade assigned to them will be Hustler grade. Once any staff is promoted to the level of the assassin, they will be managed directly by the CEO of the company. They will be reporting to the Account Manager for their own campaigns. For all duties and responsibilities as assassins, they will be groomed and trained by the CEO.

How to become an Assassin There are two ways by which staff can be an assassin, either the management can propose/nominate a name of staff to be promoted to be an assassin or the staff can apply to become an assassin. Anyone who has been nominated or requested to be an assassin would have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Proven track record of more than 4 weeks of constant delivery in any two accounts apart from their own account.

  2. Minimum 4 weeks of 4 HO in their own account

  3. Minimum of 2 HO in all the transferred accounts

  4. At least 3 months working experience in Konsyg

  5. Good attendance and punctuality record

  6. Compliance with all company policies

For Nomination and Request to become an assassin, the below-linked form can be used:

Other Conditions for the assassin program:

  1. In a week the assassins can be moved to two accounts for ensuring no 0’s in terms of HO

  2. Once the assassin completes 2 HO in a transferred account, they can be moved to any other account

  3. The assassins need to ensure that the minimum KPI if their own account is hit on a weekly basis

  4. No assassin is to be transferred unless they hit their own KPI

  5. No overtime and Unikorn points for the assassins when transferred to other accounts

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