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Attendance and Tardiness Policy

Section 1 - Introduction Our attendance and tardiness policy define the rules and regulations regarding the attendance and tardiness of the contractors of Konsyg. It outlines the expectations of the contractors and the company about coming to work, the rules of remote work, and maintaining and upkeep of tardiness and punctuality to maintain efficiency in the workplace.

Section 2 Scope and Applicability This policy is applicable to all contractors of Konsyg regardless of levels or position.

Definition Absenteeism refers to frequent absence from a contractor's job responsibilities. This includes not coming to work frequently or taking excessive sick leave without being able to submit doctor’s notes or suddenly vanishing from work without any information to the company. Tardiness refers to coming in late, taking longer breaks than you’re entitled to and constantly leaving earlier from work without reason.

Section 4 - Adherence to Shift Timings

  1. All contractors have been communicated their shift timings by the HR/Manager. The adherence to the approved shift timing is a requirement to keep up the tardiness.

  2. Timely login and EOD is an integral part of the job. The daily shift is for 9 hours with 1 hour of Lunch/Dinner and one 15 mins break. Everyone needs to update their lunch and break timings in the “Konsyg” main channel.

  3. In case of a late login, prior information needs to be given in written permission to HR with proper explanation and a plan for the compensation for the loss hours on that day. Failure to that will result in a deduction of the number of hours of login for that day. Only one(1) late login in a month may be allowed per employee.

  4. For contractors who are in probationary period, the rule for a late login is not allowed till the probation is complete. In case of any late login from the employee, hourly salary for the late hours will be deducted.

In case a contractor is late for 2 days in a month, Konsyg can take disciplinary action which may result in termination and Leave Without Pay.

Attendance Tracking Attendance is tracked by two methods in Konsyg. Daily attendance and productivity is tracked by Time Doctor and the “Attendance Bot “ via slack. All contractors of the company are registered in the Time Doctor.

The steps for recording attendance via the attendance bot is already available to the staff. Incase of a new employee, HR is responsible for explaining the attendance bot and taking the staff through the process.

All the contractors need to download the time doctor application and track their timings through the time doctor app. All the contractors have been sent time doctor invitations so that they can download the application and track their attendance. In case of any problems with the time doctor app, you may consult HR for assistance.

If the contractors are not tracking their time and login in and out through the time doctor then the days will not be considered as paid days. In case of time doctor app problems, proper notice is to be given to HR with a screenshot of the problem. The payment for those days will be investigated and then paid on a case to case basis. Proper notification of presence in the slack channel also needs to be provided.

Unforeseen Absences The company has a strict policy towards unforeseen absences. In case of an unforeseen absence when you cannot make it to work, the contractor needs to notify the HR through a phone call, text message, whatsapp or slack the unavailability to come to work at least 2 hours before the shift starts. In case these unforeseen absences are due to family emergencies or climate conditions or internet outage, you may please refer to the leave policy for the process of application. The unforeseen absence is regarded as a Leave without pay.

Unforeseen absence of more than 1 days without notification may lead to termination and in such cases the payment of salary is forfeited in lieu of notice.

Contractor must be able to send a message in case of any power, internet or climate condition/Outage. They can send a mobile text message to someone in the local area/country to inform the company. This contingency is a requirement as a contractor of Konsyg.

Occurrences and Action

In case of contractors who do not follow the policy, the company reserves the right to take action which can up to PIP and Termination for the same. The following rules and proceedings will apply in case of non - compliance.

  1. If an employee logs in late without prior warning for more than once in a week, a written notice will be served to him asking him to provide justification for his/her action.

  2. Any occurrence of absence without notification or No Call No Show could result in termination without payment of salary.

  3. In case of Unforeseen absence for more than 1 day, the HR will send a missing from work email asking the reason for the absence and the day of resuming duties. In case of an employee who is absent without notification for more than 1 days, the company reserves the right to put the employee on a disciplinary PIP or termination. The decision of PIP or termination would be taken on a case to case basis. In the case of such terminations, payment for the number of days worked will not be processed.

  4. In case a contractor is not tracking his/her time through the slack channel and time doctor, the days for which time is not tracked will be considered as LWOP. If this continues for more than 2 days a written notice will be given to the employee explaining the reason for non - compliance of the policy.

  5. Proper EOD communication in the respective channels in the prescribed format is mandatory for all contractors.

Conditions for contractors on Probation Contractors on Probation are not entitled for any late logins or unforseen absences. Failure to come to work without notification will result in termination without payment of salary.

Approving Authority All notifications of contractors absences or late logins or complaints regarding the contractors adhering to non - compliance of the policy is to be submitted and approved by HR. The HR reserves the right for information and approval of all such circumstances.

In case the information is given to any other member of the company or getting it approved by anyone else in the company is not allowed and will be treated as non - compliance of the policy and such approvals will be treated as null and void.

Attendance Bot - Application for Leave and Attendance (daily log in and log out) How to track attendance /login/logout

  1. Type "in" to the attendance bot App under the direct messages in your slack

  2. the bot will record your attendance and a notification will come in “Attendance - Bot Notification Channel” in Slack

  3. type "out" at the end of your shift

How to Apply for leave through the bot

  1. Type "leave" in the attendance bot (you need to mention the leave type i.e Sick leave, Emergency leave)

  2. The leave will go to your manager and HR for approval

  3. When you are applying for sick leave - please attach your medical certificate

  4. Once your manager, you will get a confirmation in the bot

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