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Leave Policy


The leave policy is designed to give information to contractors about the types of leaves a contractor can avail of and the process and approval of the leaves.

Scope and Applicability

The policy applies to all the contractors of Konsyg located in any part of the world and is under the payroll of Konsyg.

Types of Leaves

As a part of our leave policy system, Konsyg recognizes the following kinds of leaves for its contractors:

  1. Personal Leave

  2. Sick Leave

  3. Bereavement Leave

  4. Public Holidays

Policy in Detail

Personal Leave is a leave that is availed by a contractor for unforeseen reasons or to attend some personal work/festival at home. Leave has to be planned and approved at least 1 week in advance.

No of days of Personal leave - with every completed month of working in Konsyg, a contractor is able to accumulate 0.5 personal days. Every contractor is entitled to 6 personal leaves in a year. These leaves can be taken either together or separately based on the needs of the contractor. In case a contractor wants to take a leave of more than 3 days consecutive, information has to be given at least 10 days in advance.

Process of availing Personal Leave (PL)

  1. The contractors have to discuss the day of leave and a task/meeting on that day with a contingency plan with the HR and Manager.

  2. Work endorsement to another teammate needs to be done. A contingency plan of Action has to be submitted along with a leave application email.

  3. Once the work is endorsed, the contractors can apply for leave by notifying HR and the Manager through the attendance bot.

  4. In case the leave is not granted on that particular day, the contractors need to plan for a separate day.

  5. Approval of leave is based on the health of the account, operational effect on the account, previous leaves and other factors.

Sick Leave is defined as a leave of absence due to any kind of illness or medical emergency for self. All sick leaves have to be accompanied by a medical certificate.

No days allowed for Sick Leave - For every full month of working at Konsyg, a contractor is entitled to a

  1. day of leave. Any contractor is entitled to 6 sick leave days in a year.

Process of applying for a Sick Leave

  1. The contractors have to notify the HR and Managee of the sick leave through the attendance bot at least 2 hours before the leave. If the leave is emergency basis, the contractor can submit the leave request within 24 hours of joining the duty.

  2. Endorsement of work to a teammate and communication with the rest of the team.

  3. Post-joining the contractors have to submit the medical certificate within 24 hours of the leave

  4. If a medical certificate is not submitted within 24 hours of the leave taken, then sick leave will be leave without pay (LWP)

  5. Leave application through attendance bot to be submitted within 24 hours of rejoining.

Bereavement leave bereavement leave upon the death of a close family member. Close family members include the employee's spouse or domestic partner, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, and in-laws.

Amount of Leave - All contractors are allowed 3 days of bereavement leave. New joiners and contractors on probation, are eligible for a pro-rata amount of leave based on the number of hours they work.

Process of Applying Bereavement leaves

  1. Contractors apply for emergency leave by notifying Hr and Manager through mail or slack

  2. Endorsement of tasks to a teammate and confirmation

  3. Once the task is endorsed, the manager can approve the leave

Public Holidays

The official calendar holidays for Konsyg are Christmas and New Year. In case the company plans or announces any other calendar year holiday, it is announced as a case to case basis.

Application of Public Holiday - To apply for a public holiday, the contractors need to give a 3 weeks prior notice before the day of Public Holiday. A written email to HR and the Reporting Manager is to be given 3 weeks before the public holiday along with an endorsement plan. If a public holiday application is not given 3 weeks before the holiday, it will not be granted to the contractors.

Approval of leave depends on the health of the account, past holidays and other factors.

General rules for applying for leave

  1. All leaves have to be applied through the leave Application form to the Manager and the HR

  2. All sick leaves are to be accompanied by valid medical certificates.In case a genuine medical certificate is not provided, the leave will be considered as LWOP.

  3. New contractors are not entitled for any leaves until their probation period, i.e 6 months. Leaves taken during the probation period would be treated as Leave without pay (LWP). Once the probation period is over, the above leave policy will apply to them.

  4. Leave applied and approved by anyone apart from HR will not be considered as valid application or notification.

  5. For every leave application, a proper endorsement of the task is required and has to be submitted along with the leave application.

Internet Outages

  1. In case of a scheduled internet interruption contractors will have to send a screenshot of notice from the provider and also accompany the same with an email to HR along with the notice of when the supply will be back.

  2. If there is an unannounced internet interruption for more than 4 hours, the consultant/contractor needs to provide a ticket number or request from the internet provider that it has been reported (A screenshot of the email request to have it fixed is fine).

  3. The contractor also needs to endorse the main tasks to his/her team members.

  4. Once the internet interruption is over and the contractors resumes work, the contractors have to compensate for the lost hours within seven days from the date of this occurrence.

  5. The contractor needs to inform anyone in the company (local region/country) for intimation to the company about internet outage. This can be a text/msg, whatsapp along with the hours of outage and resuming date and time.

Power Outage

  1. If there is a power Interruption or a scheduled power outage, a screenshot of the announcement from the provider has to be provided.

  2. The contractors/consultant needs to inform the HR through slack, Message or email for such outages and also inform the approximate power restore time.

  3. The contractor also needs to endorse the main tasks to his/her team members.

  4. Once the interruption is over and the contractors resumes work, the contractors have to compensate for the lost hours within seven days from the date of this occurrence.

Natural Calamity

  1. For any kind of natural calamity occurring in your region, you may inform your manager on an email or slack or text message also with a link to the news article to help us understand the severity of the situation.

  2. You also need to endorse your work to your teammate.

  3. Any meetings, client calls and reports that need to be submitted must be informed or given access.

  4. Once you come back and resume work a leave application has to be submitted with proper documents . (newspaper articles can be submitted as a document for informing natural calamity.

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