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Resignation Policy

Introduction Our Resignation policy presents guidelines for handling resignations at our company. Voluntary separations happen occasionally, and we want to ensure that our company appropriately handles them and maintains a smoothly-running workplace.

Scope and Applicability This policy applies to all of our contractors. A “resignation” occurs when a contractor voluntarily informs HR or their manager that they will stop working for our company.

Process of resignation For every resignation, a formal mail to the HR and the Team Leader/Account Manager needs to be provided.

At least 30 days notice or mutual agreed time notice needs to be provided by the contractor. This is mandatory with every resignation.

A written resignation has to be given to the HR and Team leader citing the name, account working and the reason for the resignation.

Once the resignation is submitted, the acceptance of the resignation will be given within 2 working days from HR. The handover and knowledge transfer will begin once the resignation has been accepted.

Notice Period For every resignation, the mandatory notice period is 30 days or an agreed mutual time in weeks. During the probation time also, the notice period is 30 days. Failure to provide a 30 days notice for resignation will result in non - payment of salary in lieu of notice. Add the mutual point payment

Communicating a Resignation Contractors are encouraged to announce their decision to resign to HR and the Team leader and supervisors as soon as possible. Communication around resignation is to be kept confidential till approval from management is given. HR may have to inform upper management or other employees who are directly influenced by an employee’s resignation.

Exit Interviews The company is more than willing to listen to the parting Contractor and would be happy to collect their views, suggestions and feedback. By collecting those opinions, we can improve our workplaces for our remaining Contractor. .After the resignation is accepted, the HR will have an exit interview session to collect the feedback from the employee.

Process of Resignation

● Talk to their managers/HR to alert them to the possibility of resigning.

● Discuss any issues that may exist that could be resolved.

● Hand in a written and signed notice of resignation to their manager and HR department [two weeks] in advance.

● Consult with HR to discuss details and outstanding payment.

● On the contractor last day with our company, they must return all company-owned equipment, and delete confidential files and passwords from their personal devices. Our confidentiality and data protection policies cover all employees, even after separation of employment.

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