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Unikorn Points Policy

Introduction Konsyg believes in recognising and rewarding performance. In line with this we are committed to reward and recognise the staff who are relentlessly helping us to achieve our goals and objectives. In the spirit to recognise and reward performance we bring to you the Unikorn points system. It is a unique experience where you can use the points you earn to choose the reward yourself.

Scope and Applicability This scope of the policy is to recognise and reward performing staff in the company and is applicable to all contractors.

What are Unikorn Points? Unikorn points are the reward points that you collect based on your performance in the campaign. Once you attain the minimum reward points, you will be able to choose a reward from the bucket. You can redeem your reward points to purchase a reward of your choice from Konsyg. When you are inducted in Konsyg, every new joinee will have 5 Unikorn points from Konsyg’s side on their account.

How can you attain the Unikorn Points? The unikorn point is the management’s way of showing and recognising your effort and your contribution to Konsyg. The management reserves the right to give Unikorn points towards outstanding/Unique contributions. To start off, as an appreciation from Konsyg, each new joiner and existing staff is given 5 Unikorn points.

Parameters to attain Unikorn points One of the key parameters to be eligible for Unikorn points is to carry out the daily job responsibilities well. Only after you have carried out your daily job responsibilities and shown some other contributions, will the management award you with unikorn points.

Some parameters for which one can earn Unikorn points:

  1. Excellent and consistent over achievement of daily targets

  2. Out of the box idea to raise the health of a campaign

  3. Bringing new business to Konsyg

  4. Outstanding teamwork and leadership at the time of challenge

  5. Carrying out any special tasks given by the management

  6. Going above and beyond in pursuit of achieving excellence

Can I lose any Unikorn Point The unikorn point system aims at providing the staff a way to showcase themselves to the company and earn value in return for his/her overall performance and contribution points.

Incase of any mis compliance with the parameters mentioned above, Unikorn points will get deducted from the passbook.

Shopping with the Unikorn Points Every week the unikorn points will be credited automatically to your account. All contractors can redeem the unikorn points on a monthly basis. The items can be shopped from the Konsyg HR portal.

Process of Shopping

  • Log in to the Konsyg Portal

  • Click on the Shop Icon

  • Once you click on the shop Icon, you will be directed to the product list

  • All the products have their Unikorn points attached to them

  • Click on the product which you want to buy with your accumulated products

  • Once you click on the “Buy” icon it will take you to the Google form which will capture all the details

  • Upon confirmation you will receive your product by 30 - 45 days of purchase

Special Conditions

  • Contractors on Formal PIP’s are not eligible for the Unikorn Points for that week

  • contractors on notice period are not eligible for for Unikorn Points

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