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Inflation and Sales

Inflation in the Sales World: Will Lead Generation be affected?

Inflation and Sales

This generation of marketers have been through it all. From experimenting with algorithms to the toughest times of a pandemic. What could get worse you might think? Inflation! Yes, a hike in prices for a period of time to stabilize the economy. Now, every sales agency and marketing team will be hustling to stand out amidst other consultation agencies.

Many might be worrying about what is going to happen next. How will businesses be able to pay for consultations when leaders will be focusing on increasing revenue? Konsyg is here to say, drop the worries and focus on your business. This is the best time to notice the minute details of your organization. Remove or improvise information that will scare the clients away.

One of the biggest mistakes that many agencies will be doing is price hikes during inflation. Pricing is a big factor that will contribute to your client’s contract renewal. Konsyg’s suggestion at this time would be to focus on and understand your pricing plan. Rather than hiking your service prices, you should consider restructuring finances to your brand’s strength.

This concept is similar to the saying, ‘Invest in your Strength.’ If you are able to spend time and rediscover a sustainable pricing power, it will attract existing and new clients. Hasty decisions in pricing plans will be a feast to the already wicked Inflation.

All the best in tackling inflation. You never know, your company could be the #1 lead generator during these tough times.

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