Getting to know Konsyg’s Global Operations Manager: Pradeep Kannan

Updated: May 6

We sat down with Konsyg’s young and bright Global Operations Manager, Pradeep Kannan, to learn more about Business Process Automation and how important it is for an organization like Konsyg.

Would you please introduce yourself, tell us what you do and your background prior to Konsyg?

My name is Pradeep Kannan and I was born and raised in India. I did my schooling and college in the southern part of India. I completed my undergrad in mechanical engineering and I also received a certificate for being well trained in Lean manufacturing. I did my master's in Operations and Marketing and after that, I joined a training and placement institute. During my time there I was working as an operations manager but I was also majorly involved with their Operations and Finance.

What made you interested in Operation Performance Management (OPM)?

While I was doing my undergrad and master's degree, I got trained in lean manufacturing which basically means to reduce waste. So I developed an interest in identifying the bottlenecks and resolving them which made me more curious about Operations Management and that is what drove me to it.

What do you like about it?

For someone who enjoys analyzing things and going over analytics, I find OPM very interesting for that very reason. There is so much data to go over and analyze and that’s something that I enjoy a lot. The key to success in operations is to be patient. The reason why I say this is because there is so much digging and analyzing to do that you can’t just skim over the top and make a conclusion based on that and at times it can take a lot of time.

How has your experience been with Business Process Automation (BPA)?

So in my previous job, also, I was doing business process analysis and I was involved in introducing many new tools because we need to be updated with the current technology and current world and we need to be aware of more cost-efficient technologies that will make us scale better.

One thing you like and dislike about BPA

What I like is that I have the chance to have more knowledge regarding tools and automation as well as new technologies. So I'm very glad to be here to have this opportunity so that I can be able to get more knowledge regarding this vertical. The thing I dislike is that whenever there is change brought to the system, people will tend to resist. In my opinion, it is necessary for them to be more warm and welcoming towards new changes and technologies since it is being done to make the process more efficient and to reduce their workload.

How important is Operation Planning (OP) and BPA for an organization like Konsyg? And Why?

Basically for any organization, improvement is a continuous process, it is not an ongoing process. So operations, business processes and strategy should be updated according to what the market expects from us. So for a company like Konsyg or any other organization, it needs to keep up with the present trends and needs to be aligned with them. So that will make us a better organization and will help us to stand out from the service.

How was your professional life affected after the pandemic?

My previous organization was an educational social service sector. We provide placement training like the APU training and other training to college students. Since most of the colleges had shut down, there was no source of revenue and they had to close the company. It was a pretty upsetting situation because I really liked the organization and working there but sadly I couldn’t continue.

How has your personal and professional life been in the ‘New Normal’? What did you do to adapt to the new normal?

When the pandemic hit and the country went into lockdown, I was amongst those people who lost their job during this time. Since it was impossible to go out and look for jobs, I used digital platforms and social media platforms like Linkedin to look for jobs that were being offered from home and made the most use out of these platforms and actually ended up getting a job at Konsyg. So I adapted to this new normal by working from home and it has been a very new experience for me since before I was always on the move and I would go to different colleges and places to give demos in person and talk about our services. I didn’t really have much trouble adapting to this new normal since my new job kept me occupied throughout the day that I didn’t have any time to think about anything else other than work which was a good thing for me.

How do you think this pandemic is going to affect the sales industry? How can people use it to their advantage?

I believe that physical selling will and has been affected the most because of this pandemic. I’m not saying that you can’t physically sell something during but it’s just too risky if you choose to do so. So that’s why I think that people who are aware and know how to best utilize digital technology and platforms can benefit the most out of this situation and they will surely be the ultimate winners.

How has your experience been so far in Konsyg?

It's been a wonderful journey so far. I have more knowledge of the tools that have to be used. I now know more about the automation process and I am up to date with what has been happening in the industry and the business world. So it's been a great thing that I have learned so much in this short span of time.

How is Konsyg different compared to the other organizations you have worked with?

Basically, we have two types of organizational structures in any company, either centralized or decentralized and in most companies, they have a centralized one. The hierarchy will be from bottom to top. At the bottom will be the basic level employees. And at the top, it will be the CEO or CFO or COO. And then I found in Konsyg, the organizational structure is decentralized because it follows a horizontal approach. Everyone uses one platform to communicate, slack. We can approach the CEO if we want to, we can approach the COO if we want to. We can personally message them on Slack if anything needs to be conveyed. We can freely suggest things if we think they will benefit the organizations and our suggestions are taken into consideration so that helps to create a very productive atmosphere for everyone and that’s why I find Konsyg unique.

Anything else you would like to say to conclude this interview?

I’d like to say that more companies and organizations should have a decentralized approach as it makes communication within the organization more fluid and promotes a friendly and warm atmosphere for the employees. And sometimes employers tend to forget because they are so busy with their day-to-day tasks that a happier workplace will always be more productive and efficient, hence the company would achieve their goals much faster.

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