What Konsyg does for businesses

We uncover honest metrics (Sales cycles, market response, etc)


We establish repeatable and sustainable sales processes within businesses


We hire, train and develop sales representatives and leadership


We provide a neutral voice for the CEO in managing sales departments 


We bring Revenue and Leads


Global Sales Team

Konsyg will assign our sales representatives to carry out your sales functions targeting any region. We will develop the sales process while providing data tracking systems for scaleable revenue strategies.

Lead Generation

Konsyg takes on the pre-sales functions of your business. We will prospect, list build and scrub in order to give you the highest quality leads in the industry.

Sales Management

Konsyg will directly manage your current sales team. We will be the on-Demand “Vice President of Sales” to run, develop and execute on your sales needs.

Pipeline Development

Sales pipelines are the lifeblood of a sales organization. We will build and manage your pipeline to reach revenue projections to your goals. Great for data insights and investor updates.

Global Expansion

Konsyg provides an end-to-end country set-up solution: recruit your sales teams, secure an office, and work with all legalities of the set-up from lawyers and registration


Konsyg knows the profile for an effective sales professional. We are constantly hiring for our clients and our own company in multiple countries around the world.

Data Generation

A database will be created based on parameters including Decision Maker, Region, Size of Company, and Industry in order to define and discover the ideal customer profile to engage.

This list will augment as well as complement any list that our client offers to Konsyg. Engagement will be based on warm calls, emailing and other outreach with the goal of conversation and qualification.

A Do Not Contact List (DNC) will be provided to Konsyg by clients to prevent overlap as well as understanding the current pipeline.

This DNC can also be created by Konsyg if granted the right CRM credentials.

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